I usually work on at least five commission pieces at a time, so please drop me a quick line to check my scheduling,.  If I cant get started right away, I can  give you an approximate start date and add you into my schedule.  Before emailing me please read this ENTIRE page.


I just want to be upfront about the time it will take to receive your commissioned piece.  Understand I work regularly, and commissioned work is done on the side, so even though a piece may only contain a few hours work, those hours may be spread over several days or even a couple of weeks.  Please know that you can e-mail me ANYTIME for an update


- The Basics -

If you have a concept or a character you designed, created or developed, that you want professionally drawn, then you have come to the right place.

The rates listed below are for single character pinups only.  A standard pinup will consist of a single figure with either no background or a minimal one at the artists discretion.  The reasoning for this may not seem to make any obvious sense, but take for example the amount of work that goes into a shot of Supergirl flying in the sky, with only a couple of clouds as a background, and compare it to the time it would take to draw Spiderman swinging from his webline with a complete NYC skyline as the background.

As the artist composing the piece, I reserve the right to layout the piece, as well as pose the figure in any way I feel will be suitable to get the most out of the character/figure work, and enhance the look of finished piece.  If there is a specific action you would like the character in, swinging, flying, running then by all means request it.  ; )

- Content -

I firmly believe in artistic expression and all related freedoms, therefore I have no problem drawing the human form, be it nude, or something evocative, provocative or erotic, I do afterall appreciate cheesecake style art myself.  However I do have limits, and prefer to keep all things tasteful.  You will find, that with most cheesecake style art, its what your not seeing that make a drawing all that more sexy.  It is the teasing behind the piece, and NOT what's openly displayed for all to see that makes it alluring.  I will not draw anything that can be openly viewed as pornographic in nature, so please, do not request such material.

If there is a specific costume design or clothing you want your character to be wearing, please LMK.  As we all know just about every character has had a costume change over the years, so do let me know what your looking for.  As well, if you have a character I am not familiar with or one your own creation that you are looking to have professionally drawn, I may call upon you to provide some character reference, so I have a guide for clothing, costume, hair or other features.


Typically I work on a step by step basis it allows for you to choose how far you want to take the creation of a piece, as well if you purchase a piece now that was only penciled, you could always send it in later to be inked, if you so desired.


Step One - Preliminary Sketch/ Layout

This sketch is basically where I will flesh out the particulars of a finished piece.  Scans of this sketch/layout will be e-mailed to you for approval before proceeding to step two.
Step Two - Finished Pencils

Once that's done we move onto the finished pencils, this step use the preliminary sketch as a guide to draw the art on a full size comic board, with TIGHT pencils, that means every detail will be their.

Step Three - Inks

The original pencils on board are inked in this step, nice slick tight inks, I wield my brush with a very steady and meticulous hand; )

Step Four - Color

Keep in mind the original NEVER gets colored, you can choose from hand coloring or computer colors. Hand colors are done on "finish paper" and for the computer colors, you get a photographic print as the finished product.







 A sketch on 11x17 heavyweight bond paper




Total - $175

Finished pencils on comic board

Copy of the concept sketch.

color copy




Total - $250

The inked original art

Copy of the pencils

Ccopy of the concept sketch

color copy

color copy




Total - $325

Full Color Giclee print

The inked original art

Copy of the pencils

Copy of the concept sketch

color copy

color copy